melita catalina warren

Breathe Free

I am a senior citizen, visual artist, and inspirational poet. My spiritual quest to know Jesus Christ intimately relates to many of my rhymes. However, I also write romantic rhymes and rhymes drawing from other topics. One of my goals is to illustrate my rhymes with my original drawings.

Over horizon replete in mountain or shore
Discover authentic friendship and more.

Debauchery, dawdling, citizens abhor,
They seek an erudite, enlightened mentor.

Folks converse, interact, absent rancor,
America’s greatness they vow to restore.

Always a generous, charitable, outpour,
Optimists naysayers, pessimists, ignore.

We pay homage to heroes we all adore,
Breathe a sigh of relief for
Nobody ever keeps score.

In America, our homeland, liberty explore!
Courageously we open a different door.

Give America your downtrodden and poor,
On the wings of eagles she shall soar!