Jamie Lynette Thomas

Mirror Image

I have always found that writing has been an outlet for me. I have enjoyed writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. I use to publish with a poetry site that is no longer being used. I have been published in 5 different publications and hope to have my own written book of p…

looking into the mirror
I see all of my flaws
the imperfections that haunt me
a sadness that fills me
gloomy eyes darken with anger
lips heavy laid with lies
when will all these burdens leave
the very image destroys my soul
there is nothing in the reflection
that I see brings me any joy
it only hurts me, bulge and fat
why can't it lie to me
why can't I be someone else
someone pretty and dainty
a person to be loved and admired
yes, I know lies, but sometimes
lies are better than the truth

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