Color, the Planet Language

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Color , the Planet Language

While speaking to my artist friend
I asked a question , her mind to bend

On what she thought a color thinks
As paper, wood and canvas drinks

Does yellow bring a clever thought
On sunshine that the morning brought ?

Can color bring in peace of mind
As flowing strokes to canvas find ?

They speak to us as they blend
To warm our hearts and be a friend

They bring us now to harmony
And eyes delight they're finding me...

Allured by sensual glow of light
As opposites attract in color flight

Ambient lighting , perpetual effects
As all the senses are put in check...

by sweeping hand and feathered brush
A beat of heart , a sudden rush …

Of visions put to paper try
To help us see the artist cry

A stoke of genius , pure and true
It's your creation , show us who …

The Maestro is that comes to lead
And create for us your optic need

Green the color of rebirth
The shattered remnants of the Earth

Purple be a passionate fright
Of passing dawn to early light

Pink lives between red and purity of white
While Red is the passion of delight

Yellows bright allusions call
for warmth it enhances while dancing with fall

Grey is the coolness of the night
As black increases to darken the plight

I thanked the artist standing there
With torn up jeans and tangled hair

For showing me that what she does
Is out of selflessness and love

She creates in my renewed desire
To stoke the paper with my fire

And put my thoughts on holy ground
To become the artist not lost , but found

Tommy D 2/4/21