Linda  Walker

All in a day

There I was shaking out the rugs
When my son told me he was taking drugs.
I felt my chest tighten and begin to thump and into a chair my body slumped.
Sweat oozed, as I built up heat, my heart pained me with every beat.
This cannot be true, was all I could say, mum I need money and I need it today.
I owe the drug dealers and they are coming here, and it’s no joke for my life I fear.
They have guns and they shoot to kill, and if they find me believe me they will.
I have to leave now, keep my head low.
Tell them nothing, say you don’t know.
I’m sorry I’ve hurt you, I love you so much, don’t worry mum, I’m fine, I’ll be in touch.
As he closed the door, my legs gave way, it’s been four long years since that day.
I’ve sat by the phone waiting for it to ring, not a word have I heard, no letter, not a thing.
To all you youngsters if drugs you take, I beg you, ask for help, before it’s to late.
Linda Walker 19.03 06