Donald Kirby Von Koehler

Angel Of Destiny

Angel Of Destiny
Woman of Fashion-Woman of Fame,
Woman of Passion-Woman of Shame.
Do you ever wonder on a moonlit night,
Do you suppose that it could be....such a heavenly sight.
I'm sitting here watching so alone,
No one is calling on the telephone.
I'm wondering if love will ever be true,
I'm wondering if I could have a woman like you.
Angel Of Destiny-Will you notice me?
Angel Of Destiny-Come and set me free.
Angel Of Destiny-Cast loves faithful spell,
Because up till now I've been living in hell.
I've searched the stars of destiny,
for my woman of eternity.
I've cried through many nights,
Now all I do is Fight.
I'm wondering how much more I can take,
I know that I'm due to get a break,
Maybe meet someone new,
maybe meet someone like you.
Angel Of Destiny-Heaven never seemed so near,
Angel of Destiny-All you've done is disappear.
Angel Of Destiny-Give me all I need,
will you be my passion maybe? will you be my greed
Angel Of Destiny...Angel Of Destiny,
Angel Of Destiny...Angel Of Destiny...give me all that I need.
written by Donald James Kirby Von Koehler 10-17-1988