Donald Kirby Von Koehler

A Rebel, A Renegade

A Rebel A Renegade
Crippled by your ego pride is causing you to fall,
in your self denial your back is to the wall.
Like a cornered tiger just about to strike,
caged inside your sorrows it's time you take a hike.
The wheels are a'turnin' yet you're going in reverse,
life without a legend just livin' out the curse.
Everyday, It's the same the Insanity that you see,
you're never really certain of who you want to be.
A Rebel,A Renegade-you never see applause,
a lifelong serenade searching for a cause.
What have you ever found lying on the ground?
always on the roam thinking you're homeward bound.
A waste of your effort and a waste of my time,
living in a fairytale no rhythm to your rhyme.
Dancing on a tightrope standing on the ledge,
spiraling downward you're always on the edge.
A dreamland scenario because nothing's ever real,
only the emotions you fight so hard to conceal.
It's much too obvious life has you living down,
forget about calamity because you're the silent clown.
A Rebel,A Renegade-You forgot all about reality,
twisting and turning you have no identity.
yet, what does it matter in your world of pain,
steadily you find your lifestyle is insane.
written by Donald James Kirby Von Koehler 3-14-1993