Now you're leaving Manhattan

Moss M.Jacques lives in the New York metropolitan area. He is the recipient of many literature prizes in his early twenties both in France and the US. Moss M.Jacques was best known in the circles where he grew up for his talent of reciting poems and a great passion for arts and literature. His poe…

Now you’re leaving Manhattan.
In the backdrop
Of George Washington bridge
You leave behind
What was once a great city
you love so much
And where you grow up
To be the woman you are today.

Now you’re leaving Manhattan.
I used to love this vibrant city
After I bought into the idea
Of luxury lifestyle penthouse dream.
By seeing you leaving
I'm forced to get out of that dream,
scrap it from my mind
And let it go out of my heart.

Now you're leaving Manhattan
You leave behind
A city becoming increasingly
A taxed hellhole.
A mismanaged island
One false move away
Of going bankrupt
No millionaire’s tax will fix it.
No billionaire's row will embellish it.
As quickly as they can
My friends and their Wall street companies
Are moving out
Like they are under the threat
Of an eviction notice.

Now you’re leaving Manhattan
You leave behind
A city becoming increasingly too bubbly
Boring wall of skyscrapers
Broken and outdated subway
Vanishing small communities neighborhood
From city block to city block
Hotels and restaurants are disappearing.

Now you’re leaving Manhattan.
When time cripples our American cities
And extends its claws
To shake the ground under our feet
It could mean stumble into a Buzzsaw.
If the city never sleeps
We don’t sleep
And we alienate life.
Maybe we humans aren’t created
to live in overcrowded cities.