Sarah Rose

One More Dream

 One more dream left for me in this verse of my life

I had so many  dreams in the past of my life

Life goes on without a stop leaves falls in this life

What follows after life that is where I need to go

Each dream of mine comes to life of mine and others

Each dream of mine shapes me closer to the One

Each dream of ours can bring us more apart or make One

Each dream of ours has potentiality of making us the One

One more dream left for me to live so called in the earth

One more taste of death left for me for me to move above

One more time of experience of this life to taste to rise above

One more dream of mine left for you to share my life

One more choice for you and me,

Big question is that to be One or not to be

Sarah Rose lived a life of finding the One of her life

Rose had thorns teared her apart bled her soul in each life

Rose grow to be the One , after all she  became a rose

Sarah Rose in her last dream with joy waiting departuring

To the One