melita catalina warren

Awaiting My Final Gate

I am a senior citizen, visual artist, and inspirational poet. My spiritual quest to know Jesus Christ intimately relates to many of my rhymes. However, I also write romantic rhymes and rhymes drawing from other topics. One of my goals is to illustrate my rhymes with my original drawings.

Why am I denied a dreamy playmate?

An ordinary American woman – nobody great –
Longs for a kind, loving, supportive mate.

Yet if loneliness should be my sad fate
I beseech my God for a clean slate,

What of romance in a world that hates?
True love I now actively contemplate.

If someone carries my excess freight,
Then I vow my comrades never to berate.

When I aim my arrow help me shoot straight.
Let me walk earth blessed, not an ingrate.

May I arrive at the Gates of Hell too late -
My idiosyncrasies, human flaws, kindly abate.

Still, while my final exit I await -
Help me ‘arrive’ and not just ‘skate.’