Rene Raymond

Court ordered apology

It me back again. From the old truth of life.

I had I court date for a crime I did not commit the judge refused to except I lie detector from me. And the offered my to write a letter of apology. So I. Thinking fuck you one two three. One I did not commit the crime so I'm thing fuck you you can die. I'll throw a party and toast your demise. Two screw you I think this is a setup. That person doesn't write as nice as me what do you mean. Years out my life did you see the evidence that shit looks fake indeed that's what your using against me all untrained eyes going to convict me. Die bitch please. Three the bitch a flee fuck Pamela Bondi see I can insult you with ease I need no threats I can defend myself wonderfully mean. Fuck this kangaroo court system. Die bitch please.