amanda harris

i want you

Tell me boy do you know what you want
Or is you putting on an act trying to front
Tell me boy what really in your heart
i know it maybe hard but can you play the part
can we let go of the sillyness and open our eyes wide
Be true to what you feel inside the love you try to hide
You say its just a mistake but i know its not
you aint gotta worry about nobody others
or another lover taking what you and i got
i just wanna know what you tryna do
i have met a whole lotta people
but never no one like you
we can do whatever you want to
I"m just trying to live up to the truth
even though we are so far
I appreciate everything that you are
just tell me what you wanna do with me
Never been the type to give in to jealousy
But baby you are not alone so im asking you
what you tryna say what you tryna prove
I'm willing and waiting just choose
I'ma attract a whole lotta people
but non of them get me like you