Work Be Gone

One of many cheated poets from the initial

I used the little skill I possessed
But could care less.
My lifetime work of poems are gone
into the clouds, File 13, nobody knows but God
What kind of mess?

Sorry I trusted these people
Not Now, but Certainly back then.
Its so sad for talented people or those who just dared to share, whose work and dreams have come to this;
They trusted with their thoughts,
their earnings, yearnings, pain with no gain.

Gain was not their intent but rather growth, release,
Freedom--this is sooooo Insane.
New Beginnings, Mournful endings. All that is lost in the pages of scammers. Show me I'm wrong. Give me my songs (poems): Lulu; Newton Rhymes or whomever you are, became, or may be--
Release the work, release the words for others, for them and for Me! I dare you to print and release the stench of what this company appears to represent.