Allis Kacy


I was just wanting to write. I hope you enjoy it!

There is nothing quite so sweet
As Grandma baking you a treat
When she hands it to you with a smile
You seem to wonder all the while
What makes Grandma so sweet
Perhaps it's the special wheat
She puts in her bread?
Then one day I say the thought that's inhabiting my head
"Grandma," I ask, "What makes your treats so grand?"
Grandma beams at me and says quite tenderly
"Oh, my dear, I prayed you twould ask. Some time ago
On a cold and rainy day,
I met up with an old friend and we made plans for me
To stay at her house the next day and visit over tea.
So when the day had come, Eagerly I went
I learnt she twas a Christian, and a humble one at that.
I longed to find the same peace and joy I saw in her face
The contentment there could not even compare
To the finest piece of lace
Nor hand-painted dinnerware
Nor a jeweled necklace, dome vain ladies twould never think to share
My wanting for the peace she had soon turned to longing
And, I must add
I twas never so gay, when
Having asked my friend
What made her so glad
She answered gently,
'Why Jesus, my dear, tis He who had made me peaceful.'
The conversation we shared was, indeed, far from dull
For that very day
I asked Jesus to enter my heart to stay
My life, He made substantially better
Removing strife
And hurt
And anger
So you see, my dear,"
Grandma continued to say,
"My baked goods are sweet
Because of Christ's love he has placed in my heart.
A light in the darkness
Sugar stirred in with cocoa powder
Do you understand, my dear?"
I did not understand but, after packing my gear, I asked, " Grandma, can Jesus enter everyone's heart?"
For this I truly wished to know
And I wished that I would not have to soon go.
"All you have to do is ask and believe."
Grandma now said
And to the door she led
Knowing it was time for me to leave.
"But is it really just that simple?"
I asked, fearing what she would say
Her answer filled my heart with joy and made me very gay.
"Indeed, my little one, all you have to do is pray: My father, please save me, please forgive my sins and take them all away. For from now on, I wish to believe in You forevermore this day."