Robert(Rosario) Dispenza

A Great Day for The U.S.A.

Dating back to my 1st poem in 2001 writing and winning awards on library of poetry) I have published approx. 80 poems and Won many awards.

On This Historic Day
A Few may wish to walk away.
But Our Democracy is Now Back to Stay.
For those that suggested Biden was hiding, Were the Ones that kept Our Country dividing.
The Past Person feared many into voting, but now he can go back to floating.
On a ship all alone with No direction and doomed to sink and fail again.
As his past has proven-
He thrives on other people losing.
But He has now lost all Credibility as many warned us before.
Now God and the people have spoken and he is now gone like a bad token.
The World is looking Brighter- for we got rid of that phony fighter.
 We now have a person of honorable means and passion, which is the best way to show fashion.
The road ahead will not be easy.
 But in time we shall heal and overcome all the past wrongs that were done.
Now We All can look forward everyday to a brighter sun*

Robert M. Dispenza
Copyright Jan.20, 2021 International society of poetry