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missing you dad

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Missing You Dad
By Dan Henry Lambrix
It has been 17 years since you passed away from
Cancer, and I miss you oh so much.
Playing golf on warm Saturday morning's, was how
We kept in touch.
\My son's miss the funny stories you told, one's that
You gathered over your many years.
Happy and sad tales from generation's gone by, you
Knew they the sad one's would bring on the tears.
\Christmas was my very favorite day, the joy and
Happiness that made everyone smile.
I will do my best to keep your memory alive, so
Everyday for us is worth while.
\Cheering on your favorite sports team's, or cooking
Ball park dogs on the grill.
Scarring us on Halloween with a mask, always gave
Us a bone chilling thrill.
\Mom, sis, and even little bro, get a little sad at
Any gathering's we do.
I hope you're proud of the family that you raised,
I love you and I for sure miss you!

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