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My Poems

M ABOUT MY POEMS: My poems remain explorations of the subconscious erotic. They are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep subterranean glitz of transgressive impulses we all share Bwahhaaahaaa

my poems are not tyrants

to some  
not even poems
or worse yet offensive
scandalous bullies
behemoths of some
savage oversexed mind

mental animated  
stained dick worn
dingy wall paper
printed multiples
of pussy ass
and blue eyed
Caribbean  pools

beyond hearts mastery
hullabaloo crime scenes
like night jungles
of tooth and claw
in corridors of neuron ghosts
 and livid pornographic hieroglyphs
fed by the dreaded
 excesses of testosterone
towards some ruined
blood spotted
hanky panky panties
just to remind me of you
and how it hurt just so
and how you loved me for it

whoever you are

no sanitized spiel
about fragrant gardens
azure blues
the lassitude of angels
and the secret seas keep

my poems

a slave's heart 
vaulted thighs
eating a raw mouth
in a cathedral of tongues
and wrapping myself
in your nut brown hair

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