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The Feminist

M ABOUT MY POEMS: My poems remain explorations of the subconscious erotic. They are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep subterranean glitz of transgressive impulses we all share Bwahhaaahaaa

She hated lewd offers
but thought, as she fled rationality

*Taboo and Transgression reflect two contradictory urges*

there is a deficiency
a feeling as if
dormice gnawed on her tender heart
unthreading her very being

*The taboo would forbid
the transgression but the fascination compels it"*

in the old school
fearless foul mouthed men
with big shoulders and hero's chests
knew how to take a woman

*Please Master
Please master can I touch your cheek
please master can I kneel at your feet*

so she would lose herself
caring for nothing but
her spilling
clitoral  incandescence
into kingdom come

*mystery woman
with a cock in hand
plays the piccolo
in a hot swing band*

out of the question
was dissolute lust
its quivering equivocations
of undoing and redoing
in a torment of feeling,
as if blood thirsty
disavowing, yet starved for love
like a cry of the void

*her throat  
a spiral armed galaxy
her heart and cunt
hounded moons*

the feminist

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