just a typical cancer venting some felings

As I sit, riding the streets
I watch as the rain rolls down the window
looking up to the sad gray skies
it's as if the clouds were crying

thinking back on all gained and lost
the good times and the bad
I would take the all again
just to be with you

I feel heavy in my heart
just as the rain in the clouds
tears welling up in my eyes
trying to break free and escape

But I know if i let them go
and roll down my cheeks
as does the rain on the window
it would not have the same effect

For when the clouds are empty
and the rain fall's no more
the clouds depart
and the sun shines yet again

But when the tears for you stop
the sun doesn't shine
because you are still present
in my broken heart

For as I sit and write
dreaming of you
the only way my sun will shine
is for you to come back to me

to dream our dreams
to live our lives as one
to laugh, to love, to cry
together as we were

For it was you
that lifted me up when we met
and kept me there
for all these years

Now to start over
is such a heavy weight
that only you
can remove once again

The words you said to me
before you walked out the door
kept the candle burning
in my heart so strong

If only you remembered
and meant those words
the wounds would heal
and love would enter

Because with love
all is possible
because of love
we would be together.