To a Soldier

Born in the Dominican Repubilc. US Citizen . New Yorker too. I am a Mother of three beautiful children and they older now and college graduated & students. I graduated at Queens College and recently I live in Texas. I love writing, ( i write stories and poems since i was very young) r…

In the middle of an unlimited world, there is
a voice and one heart that will hold the must immense memories of our goodbye...
your sorrow and memories...and your heroism.
There will be a battle that proclaims a honest friendship and the efforts of those who have perished and have earned recognition defending our freedom.
A battle that evokes our soldiers' ambition of peace,
their honor and the power of their honorable patriotism.
There will be a time in our lives, that missing you may reflects and unveil of our loving memories to each and everyday, each and every moment and your forgiving
and sympathetic with a humble and positive spirit...
Preluding a better outcome " sweet victory of all."
your faithfulness to our country reveals your love ...
and our love is forever . It is "a farewell in our soul" wishing you
a blessing...forever more!

Thank you....Happy independence Day to all!