Ehsan Sehgal

Loving Myself to Love You

Ehsan Sehgal is a Pakistani-Dutch poet and writer. He moved to the Netherlands in 1978 to avoid persecution during the General Zia era in Pakistan and has lived in the Netherlands since. Ehsan Sehgal began his literary career in 1967. His first publication was a novel, but his consequent books were…

I tell you
Why I love myself
Because I love you
Such feelings make
And force me to do that
I feel pride too
Loving myself, to love you
When you love your beloved
You love yourself
While you look in the mirror
Your beloved smiles
In your thoughts and imagination
Your emotions flow
Within your entity
To live and love yourself
For your beloved
It is invisible and hidden
If you don't love yourself
You cannot love anyone else,
Love always starts
First, loving yourself
It fulfils loving your beloved
It is important, for all that
The fact speaks, and it is a fact.