Vladislav Martynovitch

Words Call

Words Call
Words of Contour Diamond-like
Germs of prose or verse contain:
Now all is your Klondike
Just release your Heart and Brain,

And refresh Uprising’s Might –
For the Might of Freshness strikes! –
How humble is your Pride,
Like the Shimmer of the Knife!..

Cut the ulcers, don’t wait –
Hesitation is a Crime! –
Aren’t of Energies you made,
Are you millions’ worth or dimes?!

Plant the germs in Diamond-ground,
Pour Light through it, expect:
Multitude that from Amount
Surge and Numbers resurrect!..

Prose and verses, grown, fight
Will for sure, Spectrum crush:
Words of Contour, Diamond-like,
Turn in Pictures under Brush.

Then their Wisdom will get ripe –
Be prepared for its Fall:
Fingers-Slaves will then all type –
To fulfill the Freedom’s Call!..

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