Elise Ramcourt

Longing for the unknown

Elise Ramcourt is an American-French poet and songwriter. At just 16, Ramcourt has accomplished numerous works such as "Longing for the Unknown", "Until Goes the Last Spark", and "All Alone".

Busy longing for the unknown,
this small town's all I've ever known;
Wishing to finally be free,
dreaming of life I cannot foresee.

Lost is a hopeless romantic
in a town among semantics;
The peak of my existence lies
with a world I yet to comprise.

A life that is truly something,
filled nuances and escapades;
Not just the idea of something,
remembered for all of my days.

Living for the hope of it all,
until then I am just enthralled;
Trapped in this dull world I despise,
awaiting for my time to call;
To live for the hope of it all.

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