Daniel Millard

Garden Of Recovery

I have always loved the written word and expressing my truest and highest self. I love books. I love nature and simplicity. My deepest passion is self-love, growth, spiritual journey, and opening my heart to the world.

Sunshine and rain
Making life in my garden
Of recovery
Ceramic pots full of color
Stretching upward to the sun
My hands full of soil
Soothing away the pain
In my roots
Using moss like a mother's kiss
Sprinkling wildflower mix
In the city for
Five days of rain
White rabbit sits still
Long ears stretched back flat
Laughing from my window
"He wanted to be free"
Rain making pictures wash
Over my window
Hard rain and
Hunter's Moon pulling at my sleep
Chasing James through hell in the darkness
I love you
I'll kill you

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