Vladislav Martynovitch

To Be Mean

To Be Mean
To be Live in the Dying, –
The Process of Birth, –
Is essential, crying-
Ly say feeling Loss,

And in it Gain proclaim,
Fighting back, killing Self:
Every Purpose let aim
To fulfill Core of Delve!..

Core of growing Sense
Midst emotions to feel:
Is it common, that dense
Perpetration of Kill?

Is it “known”, that learned
So negligent Grasp, –
Of the Prophecy worn,
Of Nightmare realized?..

In Belief Being’s felt
Only breathing in Trust,
And pulsating in Melt-
Ing of Spirit of Dust,

And entrusting, to lift
Let’s all Losses between
Crushing Waves by the Rifts
That approve what that mean!..

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