Vladislav Martynovitch

See Broken Lost

See Broken Lost
See Paradises before they are lost,
Willfully Tenderness now reveals,
And understand what is rightfully most
In sudden Glimpse of the Age that all steals.

Robbery this may you force undertake
Travelling, that is of Dream so born,
Fly, as if flow, and run as if rake,
Scream of that Joy like an angelic Horn!..

Open Eyelids and Eyelashes – and Crown
Let be for Thorns that to anticipate
Is here your Spirit, in Craziness drown,
Sunk in the alien Madness’s Gates.

Entering it, held the Keys on your Heart –
Demons angelic are barely near:
Mad and Insane will in Fight fall apart,
You only rush – no back looking, my dear!..

Memory now – Technology of
Overwhelmingness grasped on a Brink,
Usage of “Mis-” is a Shadow of Grove,
Cut every Day by a Mass with no Link.

Gardens chopped off – in and out the Spoil,
Natural Burn, artificial Frost –
And in the midst, Palms are greeting the Toil:
Hell that’s approached for Broken Lost!..

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