Yvette M Sanchez

Bad memories

I started writing poems when I was little and kept writing them and I still do cause I can express my feelings and anger and pain that I have endured in my life. I'm a Mother to 4 wonderful kids and a grandma to 15 grandkids. My son is a Chief in the Marines, my oldest daughter is business woman, m…

I once was a little girl,
And my Mommy's pearl.

Then one day my innocense was lost,
Left out in the frost.

I tried to tell my Mommy,
But she believed her hubby.

She said I was promiscuios.
It sounded ridiculous.

I'm only 9 years old,
I've been told.

I didn't even know what the word meant at all.
And I was only so many inches tall.

I was just a little girl,
With so many curls.

Then I realized I must have done something wrong.
So I would cry my sad song.

Wondering why my Mommy let the bad man hurt me,
Why could'nt she see?

All my pain,
Was all in vain.

My life was never the same,
After he made me play a game.

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