Love is like

I'm a young inspired poet from Michigan.My writing is about life and it's lessons I've had to learn.

Love is a stream of water that fulfill your thirst
Love is like a gorgeous like a woman who is sweet as honey
love is like the calm blue skies
Love is like a peace of mind
Love is like a reward after battling life so many times
Love is like rain fall that clears the soul of tears
Love is like the art of living, a reason to shine everyday
Love is what we all seek,but yet to find
Love is like a mystery, it has many levels
Love is like looking into your soulmate's eyes and the connection is so strong
Love is like that cold breeze on your back that give you chills on a hot day
Love is on the other side of the door but fear won't let many unlock
Love is telling yourself "I love you" in the mirror
Self love is needed first
Love is gratitude for even the small things in life
Love can fill the starving when the soul is hungry
Love is like a soft pillow,your night sleep shall be peaceful
Love is like an adventure,I shall sail my ship