Seth Thibodeaux


Born Lafayette, LA.

Angelic sorrows painted on blank faces…greet my dreams like fireflies to flames,
Only pain, suffering, and dissonance remain.
Satin veiled shadows in an air of mourning…collide against an immaculate form,
She is revealed when my trepidation is warm.
A kindred spirit swooning with grace…an extractor of this world’s dejection,
Amidst celestial care and God’s protection.
The sensation of her skin dispatches your fears…a loving perception you cannot avoid,
Destitution unraveled and apathy destroyed.

Despondent respirations abruptly subside...this cherub's elocution now fawning,
An insidious truth, within her soul is dawning.
What you thought was your compass...serenades you with fraudulent bearing,
this siren of friendship, who's facade is tearing.
 Masquerading as devotional recompense...her lusts concede an inner ambition,
To satisfy self, an inexorable affliction.
how esteemed providence has fallen…a feeble affectation now seeded,
never a love, just avidity depleted.