Who do you go to?

Painting pictures with my direct words to voice unwanted opinions.

When being one of strongest, whose shoulder is strong enough to support you?
Spending your time going through life being loving and considerate, but you want to be loved and considered too
You feel you’re not worthy of being here for what trauma you experienced and the things that can’t be changed
However, you are the one others look to for help and guidance without pouring anything back into your cup
But who does the strong go to when they are seeking healing, counseling, or simply just in pain?
Who does the listener go to be heard for once without being interrupt?
When the strong fall they fall hard because they know it will be only them to pick themselves back up
Who does the considerate person go to, to finally be thought of first instead of having to ask?
Feeling torn down to build yourself back up then asked, “how you are doing?” you say to yourself, “this is my moment at last.”
Knowingly knowing the only reason, they are asking is to only be considered again and again
However, also knowing your actions are necessary in this world full of opportunist and sin
What shoulder is there to cry on when you are at your lowest?
Where do you go when you’re that shoulder to everyone else?
What great anger and frustrations does it create to always see for the ones around you what’s best
To be selfless, to continue to look out for others and play the cards your dealt
Moving through life with your heart on your sleeve while you feel others move in stealth
But you forgive and forgive, knowing no one is perfect not even yourself
Its hard being this individual but you make it look easy
You don’t ask for too much too often but when you do you feel needy
When it finally comes a time for you to go everyone that used you will feel greedy
However, this is the purpose of your life ordained by the man above
So, I go on to say you love to love because he first loved
You continue to consider because he considers you
You continue to listen because he will hear you
You continue to be you and hopefully, maybe one day you’ll find another you