Peace throughout and ease by, Ameena Beyah

Artist and crafter, theological thinking perspectives of vp the way of the mansions and stopping the sanctions.

Peace and the wilderness is in bloom;
They look and see the knitting loom.
Totally predictive and secretive.
The power of Allah ( swt).
In awe of what I saw.
The trees come in the midst of dust and seek to resist or confirm and consist.
They do not know where the people are going to
or seeking the wayz of probabable of the seekers of truth and the wayz of life to go and towards of
the portal of kaleidescope as well as trying to establish the knitting, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery, weaving doing hair, yet they are trying to be under the wie hours waiting to scheme and plot and plan, like taubouli, hummus, babghanoush, babhka, kangen water.
Looking to be and growth like a tree.
Go forth and become the wayz of programs and different directions.
Looking to diverse the diversity to author the playwrites as well as being coherant to be the committee of cleanliness and the weight of the worlds. The wadood.