Vladislav Martynovitch

Anguish To Evade

Anguish To Evade
Anguish – Owl – in eye
Stares, piercing the gloom,
Sunset downfall dies,
With despair bride and groom.

Stealthy predators’ steps
All behind back are heard:
Foliage, myriads rags,
Old Witch’s whispering words…

“Hope” hissed is by Hype,
Pulling waters in veins,
 Boredom, bearing bribe,
Tries of flattering means,

Coiling Cobra of cold
Squeezes Neck’s loin acute,
Raise Redemption is rogued –
Blood of slain to dilute…

As if reptiled in mud’s
All that soared in Light:
Ends be here to cut
And Beginnings to grind.

But remember of Dawn –
Live by memory, wait:
Rise of Hope postponed
Don’t try to evade!..

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