Vladislav Martynovitch

To Passions' Spilling

To Passions’ Spilling
To Ever-firmament! And Domes let be rocked:
Let shells be cracked from under living waters,
And be revealed Potential that locked
Was being embraceв by sleeping palmed Abode;

Let Structures new, distracting stupid Eyes,
Expand their Wisdom, mockers making silent,
From out predictions withered prophesize
Not Words but Meanings through all trampled piling.

The Moment’s here! And risen is Star
And Past of Waiting questioning is down,
Assured is Richness and ashamed a Nark, -
Through casting dim subservient Ever-doubt.

Life’s New reborn – revolved: that means, returned –
There’s no escape, Just Embrace constant, willing:
New Score is started here with majestic cord –
The Moment right for Seed of Passions’ spilling!..

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