Vladislav Martynovitch

This To Few

This To Few
This is all that to spend
Wish I would, wish I could,
This is more just to bend,
More than awful or good,

More than awesome, or Bud,
Or of Petal excel –
World of thousand studs,
Now Story your tell!..

Tell, how deeply profound
Your super face is,
Trample all to the Ground
In order to please,

Sing your Vesper and mourn
All these Mornings and Stars:
I admire your Moan,
I desire your Lust!..

Admiration, desiringly
Sets on its Sails:
Who is Admiral, darling? –
You’ll ask up the Stairs.

And the Sailors in Silence
Will point here at you:
What a scorching Appliance
That’s given to Few!..

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