Vladislav Martynovitch

Spirit End

Spirit End
Spirit dictated to soul
Poem with rhythm and rime:
Coordinated for the goal,
Purpose without a crime,

Target without “yes-no”,
And destination with “for” –
Whispered she after: “You know!
Now imagine some more!..”

Chemistry imaginative –
Physics’ embodiment’s birth:
Science and art are so native –
Of relativities growth.

Relatives’ fratricidation
Follows legends through Myth:
Flesh elevates incarnation,
To resurrect all the Bliss!..

Inhale and exhale together
Newly combine all the same,
Timely incubative weather
Forth re-create through the game.

Rules are of rituals naked
Formulas to implement:
Spirit is just so avid,
Soul – permissive without end!..

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