Your Heart’s Core

Guess you could say I'm a self taught poet. I started writing poetry as a means of dealing with the emotions of finding my Birthmother's obituary and grave site after searching for 10 years. I continued writing and over the course of the last 20 years I've become comfortable in how I write. You'll …

Since the day I first saw you
You’ve found your way into my heart
And there within my heart’s core
You’ve left your own beautiful art

Maybe evidence of Cupid’s aim
I’m now pursuing my own quest
To find my way into your heart
To be more than just a guest

For what in this world
Could be more valuable
Than to live in someone’s heart
Nothing else so measurable

Your heart’s core
Holding all things you love most
And where I most want to be
Loving you, my host

To be loved by you
So much more than just fantasy
Certainly, for me a dream come true
My heart’s core of ecstasy

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