Adopted Relics

Guess you could say I'm a self taught poet. I started writing poetry as a means of dealing with the emotions of finding my Birthmother's obituary and grave site after searching for 10 years. I continued writing and over the course of the last 20 years I've become comfortable in how I write. You'll …

It may be said
That I’m a nostalgic fool
I won’t argue that
I admit I’m very old school

Its no wonder why
Old cameras I collect
They captured a moment in time
For that they’ve earned my respect

Adopted relics
Saved from obsolete waste
To my retirement home
And the smile on my face

Photography progression
Leaps and bounds of advancement
From 1814’s first image
Progressing with enhancement

From basic to high tech
A camera for everyone
From amateur to professional
Even just for fun

All equally loved
Dotingly cared for
All various styles
SLR’s to Box Tengors

My adoptees
Nikon, Pentax and Canon
Sharing shelf space with Yashica
Kodak, Brownie and Zeiss Ikon

Copyright © Dance Of The Poet's Pen 2015