Steve Hardman

A messed up world or the new reality?

My name is Steve Hardman I left School at 15 and attended college where i gained qualifications in pattern cutting and clothing design which were beneficial when I became Company Director of my own firm. Following major open heart surgery I began my career in the NHS and became a Registered Nurse …


Are those in power putting new Viruses in the rain?
Could this be why people are fighting for breath in vain?
Or is it the Illuminati all over again?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
For this virus it’s just simply a breeze.
Families torn apart, it’s such a shame
No physical contact- virtual hugs don’t feel the same
The old and vulnerable as targets are best
It appears herd immunity can’t put this virus to rest
Goes by the name of covid-19, part of the Coronaviris group
Is this another Biological man made soup?
For this Pandemic China has become the scapegoat
Or do the individuals responsible wear a different coat?
The Nazis killed many, during World War 2
With medical experiments, bombs, bullets and gas.
Like the vile so called Nazi elite this virus causes suffering and death en- masse.
Bombs destroy buildings at such a great cost
But this virus kills people...
Too many lives lost.
  A POEM BY STECLA... RGN 2020 Copyright©