Hassan Hegazy Hassan

After coming back

Hassan Hegazy Hassan, an Egyptian poet and translator. Born in 1960, Graduated from Zagazig University, 1982, got his BA in English language. Member of Egypt's Writer Union and member in the Egyptian Translators and Linguists' Association ,Cairo. In poetry: Waiting for Dawn (2007). / Eve ….and me! …

After coming back
 Hassan Hegazy Hassan


The past visited me
in the tender voice of love.
I crossed hundreds of years
 to tomorrow.
I abandoned the dream
and forgot the thirsty wound
for the blood of the heart.
So I sank into the sea of love.
The waves lifted me up
to your eyes , to the beach.
I intended to cross the seven seas
to bring you the mystery of
the beautiful roses,
to bring the mother pearl for you
to decorate the most beautiful neck,
Your neck !
To guard the most valuable fruits
if the night falls or the beach betrays.

I intended to come back
carrying the seven Moons
that are cultivated with roses,
to bring for you Joseph's fat cows
to graze in the wheat fields on the beach.
But I am sorry my love,
My life is too short to achieve the dream.
So, I'll plant my age a tree,
producing the sweetest flower ,
Taking care of the brightest chest,
your chest!
Hedged by the years of my life,
bearing the best fruit in the garden
 of honesty.
Sorry, my love,
the gain from my first journey is honesty,
Is it enough for your dowry?!

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