Nobody Nose

Un Film Cecoslovacco ... Nooooo! ... Ma con sottotitoli in Tedesco... Nooooo!

19th Century Poet turned mathematician when his love interest dumped him, bereft of any reasons for her departure from his soul.

So how am I going
To put this won into a verse for you, Baby Biddie???
It takes an extremely skilled poet
Which I'm not but
I shall try to show...lead the horse to the water
But can't make it drink,
But maybe there's something that will out-jut
That helps you search
The Marxist Gogolo or the Fanatic Politically "Corrrrrrretto" Twotube
So without further ado,
Let me begin:
C'era un comico italiano, Paolo,
Il cui film era in onda
Per tanti starnuti e auguri
Per ridere con lacrime di coccodrillo
Ecco lo qui,
Ecco lo qua:
Fantozzi La corazzata Kotiomkin (nome originale: la corazzata Potëmkin "Бронено́сец Потёмкин")
Even the Communist Russians laughed at this movie so hard
That in the dead-cold winter of Communism
They awarded Paolo many accolades
For putting on such a show...making fun of the Bolsheviks..
Watch - if you care to - the entire nine minutes
And you'll get a kick out of Fantozzi screaming atop his lungs
"Per me, La corazzata Kotiomkin e una Cagata Pazzesca!"
Which he was right about...
And he even tricked the Soviets
Into laughing out their commie guts
About their own history's folly!
;-) Aaaaaack-Shyeon!