Tick Box Tourist

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

She is a tick box tourist,
Trotting round the globe;
Totting up her air miles,
But she's a xenophobe!

She likes to say, "I've been there!"
(Wherever 'there' may be.)
She's bought the T-shirt too;
A form of snobbery.

She thinks she's highly cultured,
But hasn't got a clue!
Although she's been to Rio,
And also Kathmandu.

She paid a flying visit
To Moscow, just last week.
She's telling everybody
That Russia is so chic!

She sniggered when I told her
I'm going to Aberdeen.
But even so, that's somewhere
I know SHE's never been!


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2016

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