Paul Bewsher


Born in England in 1894 Paul Bewsher first served during World War 1 in the Royal Naval Air Service from 1915 - 1918, he was shot down once during this period of service. He then moved into the Royal Air force from 1918 until 1919. He was awarded the Distinguished Sevices Cross. My poems (3)Titles …


Where stern grey busts of gods and heroes old
Frown down upon the corridors' chill stone,
On which the sunbeam's amber pale is thrown
From leaf-fringed windows, one of quiet mould
Gazed long at those white chronicles which told
Of honours that the stately School had known.
He read the names: and wondered if his own
Would ever grace the walls in letters bold.
He knew not that he for the School would gain
A greater honour with a greater price -
That, no long years of work, but bitter pain
And his rich life, he was to sacrifice -
Not in a University's grey peace,
But on the hilly sun-baked Chersonese.
H.M.S. "Manica,"
Dardanelles, 1915.