Robert Haigh

Sharks, Snipers and Snakes

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

I swim alone in shark-infested waters,
trying to reach a distant, safe shore.

Barbed arrows, disguised as wise words,
are shot by enemies masquerading as friends.

When allies turn out to be snipers,
you begin to question the order of things.

I get bad advice from bar stool preachers,
who love the sound of their own voices.

Snakes slither stealthily between my feet,
almost tripping me as I walk along the street.

Reptiles are borrowing my friends' clothes,
and painting false smiles on their frigid faces.

Sharks, snipers and snakes are all around.
It's time for me to seek out safer ground!


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017