Douglas Noel

Maundy Thursday

Douglas is a published poet who have been accorded several awards for his poetry. He is a former teacher of 40 years the last 13 of which focused on teaching middle school children to write especially using various poetic forms.


A full moon at position 10.
Was there such that sorrowful e'en?

Did God shine down on Son with moon
So full the earth that day did swoon?

That sorrowful e'en of Christ's commit'ent,
To purge man's sin in full contentment,

Or agony wrought of not His own,
But ours the sin He did atone.

For me He died upon that tree,
Then rose again from Calvary.

For me and you and all mankind,
Did Christ the Son of God repine.

May ne'er I e'er asham-ed be,
That Christ God's Son did die for me.

Douglas Noel