Douglas Noel


Douglas is a published poet who have been accorded several awards for his poetry. He is a former teacher of 40 years the last 13 of which focused on teaching middle school children to write especially using various poetic forms.

“…and her red hair lit the wall.”

Traveling by foot
 Through dimly lit alleyways
Past dumpsters filled with yesterday's refuse,
Rats scurrying about searching for sustenance,
Survival in a life of limited means.
The cabby honked twice
While the young teen in shabby dress
 Looked warily for a place,
Any place, to hide from the unknown fears of forgottenness.

Slowly the sun rose
 Bringing a glimmer of promise
 To the dank dusty darkness.

The girl looked at the sun
 And stood ever so softly,
The sun illuminating her fine featured face.
The glow of the sun's rays penetrating her softly fluffing hair in the gentle breeze,

And her red hair lit the wall.
Douglas Noel