Douglas Noel


Douglas is a published poet who have been accorded several awards for his poetry. He is a former teacher of 40 years the last 13 of which focused on teaching middle school children to write especially using various poetic forms.


10,000 feet and I see clearly defined homesteads, roads, and even people walking about.

20,000 feet and it’s patterns and lights, large moving vehicles.

60,000 feet and above I see only patterns of mountains and trees.

100,000 feet or a million or a million billion trillion and God sees
the color of the smudge on the button on the side pocket of your coat.

You can feel His hand in yours and His arm on your shoulder.

Of what are clouds made?

Brilliant white reflecting the sun like cotton balls spread on an
Elementary child’s art project.

Darker ones full of moisture but of what are they made?
Smoke? But smoke is gas and dissipates with altitude.

These float. Neither gaining nor losing altitude, they float.

Like a wide expanse of Alaskan snow, a prairie of white,
With a sudden uprising structure –
A cloud castle in God’s playground!

Cotton by Johnson & Johnson.
Love by God.