Robert Haigh

From Dusk to Daylight

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

A nightmare haunted me last night;
It filled my mind with dread;
An eerie sound, an awful sight,
Right there inside my head!

I saw the earth devour the moon,
While lonely lovers sighed.
The piper ceased to play his tune,
 And romance slowly died.

The other side of loneliness
Came sharply into view;
A freakish kind of onlyness
Revealed itself anew.

The dogs all howled in unison,
Decrying love's lost cause.
It seemed there was no benison,
Just ugliness and flaws.

I woke to see the morning sun,
And opalescent dew.
I heaved a sigh to find that none
Of what I'd dreamed was true!

A precious new day had begun,
With skies of azure blue.


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2019