Luis Enrique Jimenez Jr.

When My Time Comes

Luis Enrique Jimenez Jr. is a composer, orchestrator, and trumpeter based out of Los Angeles, California. Being of Latin American decent, Luis is determined to use his Hispanic Heritage as an instrument to advocate for increased diversity and inclusion in the arts.

Oh how I love
my California coast-
my people and their stories
who helped me find a voice-
to well lit city streets
full of art and ecstasy,
how easy to get lost within a crowd.
But just under the music-
when gears no longer turn,
trust me when I say-
I saw it coming.
Death knocking on my door
has been my lifes remedy-
to walk the greater path and grow.
Yet grounded I remain-
a constant hurting in my chest,
reminding me of truth.
When my time comes,
may a piece of me
in some way inspire you.