Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan

Literary Lady, The

Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan was an Irish satirist, a playwright, poet, and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. He is known for his plays such as The Rivals, The School for Scandal, The Duenna and A Trip to Scarborough.

What motley cares Corilla's mind perplex,
  Whom maids and metaphors conspire to vex!
  In studious dishabille behold her sit,
  A lettered gossip and a household wit;
  At once invoking, though for different views,
  Her gods, her cook, her milliner and muse.
  Round her strewed room a frippery chaos lies,
  A checkered wreck of notable and wise,
  Bills, books, caps, couplets, combs, a varied mass,
  Oppress the toilet and obscure the glass;
  Unfinished here an epigram is laid,
  And there a mantua-maker's bill unpaid.
  There new-born plays foretaste the town's applause,
  There dormant patterns pine for future gauze.
  A moral essay now is all her care,
  A satire next, and then a bill of fare.
  A scene she now projects, and now a dish;
  Here Act the First, and here, Remove with Fish.
  Now, while this eye in a fine frenzy rolls,
  That soberly casts up a bill for coals;
  Black pins and daggers in one leaf she sticks,
  And tears, and threads, and bowls, and thimbles mix.