Alexander Posey

On the Capture and Imprisonment of Crazy Snake, January, 1900

Alexander Lawrence Posey was an American poet, humorist, journalist, and politician in the Creek Nation. He founded the Eufaula Indian Journal in 1901, the first Native American daily newspaper.

Down with him! chain him! bind him fast!
  Slam to the iron door and turn the key!
The one true Creek, perhaps the last
  To dare declare, “You have wronged me!”
Defiant, stoical, silent,
  Suffers imprisonment!

Such coarse black hair! such eagle eye!
  Such stately mien!—how arrow-straight!
Such will! such courage to defy
  The powerful makers of his fate!
A traitor, outlaw,—what you will,
  He is the noble red man still.

Condemn him and his kind to shame!
  I bow to him, exalt his name!