Robert Haigh

The Ones Between Us

Robert Haigh is an amateur English poet, Musician and photographer.

I'd know you if I saw you,
Although we've never met.
I see the ones between us,
With more to come, I'll bet!

Love is such a dismal dance
Without you in my arms.
I date the ones between us,
Whilst dreaming of your charms!

Each day I hope I'll find you,
But so far, not so good.
I meet the ones between us,
And not you, like I should!

I know that you are out there,
And closer every day.
Right now the ones between us
Are getting in the way!

I'd really love to meet you,
But when will that day be?
It seems the ones between us
Are hiding you from me!

True love is all I ask for;
To share my life with you.
Some day the ones between us
Will disappear from view!


Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020